Akan Institute

Welcome to the New Afrika

To educate  To inspire

Our Vision

A Greater Vision of the Future

You create your own future. And here at Odwiraman (Akan Institute). We aspire to carve and create our own future. Our mission and vision are encapsulated in the proverbial bird, “Sankofa”. Everything is in the past. All of our lives, memories, and collective conscience can only be found in the past. It is the past, therefore, you look to, it for inspiration and the future. A collective conscience, memory and a wealth of knowledge accumulated by those before us, a knowledge we must reclaim.

Akan Institute is a unique premise and preposition and our challenge for us is to help reinstitutionalise our ancient ancestral ideas, philosophies and the advancement of our ancestral collective history.


Much of our ancient ancestral ideas and philosophies have been lost to time. With this in mind, we aim to help define and uphold these ideals and philosophies.


Our ancestral knowledge is free and here at Akan Institute, we aim to make it accessible and stimulate authentic research and learning of all forms of our ancestral language and culture.


The human mind feeds on knowledge and information, and we are expected to learn in other to advance our course in life. By developing a great body of work, we aim to inspire and pique interest in learners of all ages, especially young learners in regard to Afrikan history, language and culture.

International Collaboration

One of the many obstacles is the fragments of the Afrikan narrative. Afrikan history is multi-dimensional, multi-lingual and multi-cultural. Being able to combine and aggregate the Afrikan narrative, certainly is one agenda, collaborating with relevant agencies in synthesizing our collective history.


Part of our aims is economic and creative freedom. We aim to empower companies and businesses in maximising their full potential growth. This is also in line with empowering the youth in business skills and ideas, with the aim of creating a new generation of business-orientated and creative youth.

Our Commitment

To the advancement of our ancestral language, culture and historical narrative.
To help promote research and intellectual discourse of our ancestral history.
To promote creativity and ingenuity through a scientific thought process.
To the betterment and advancement of our societies. Defined and refined societies.
To create a truly inspired youth ready for the future.To create a lasting legacy for those yet to come.

Future plans

Afrika is the new frontier. A frontier we must prepare ourselves for, and one of the more important fronts is the creative art industry. We aim to inspire and stimulate creativity and ingenuity through the use of popular media forms such as painting, songs and moving images. Image immortalises you. Song serenades you. And the use of these forms will help establish many of our core ancestral principles and values which have been lost to time.

We have our own folklores, our own folk heroes that we must immortalise and bring back into the minds and conscience of people and those yet to come. Culture is your link to the past, present and future. Much of our folklores, and folk heroes largely remain unknown and undocumented. This certainly serves as a means of rekindling these folklores and stories as well as creating new heroes.This is in line with our future plans for a production studio.

The creation of a production studio serves the purpose of immortalising our ancestral ideas, folk heroes and stories through movies and other forms of media such as painting.We must certainly equip ourselves, mostly the youth, with the needed knowledge and expertise to tell our own stories through these mediums and art forms and to be able to preserve what is already there as well as create and find new inspirations.

Unique Premise

Ancestral knowledge is free and available to all. Our premise is solely based on our ancestral language and culture, which makes us unique. Information found here is not readily available, it will not be taught in schools, in universities, will not be found in books in world renowned libraries. It can only be found when you sit at the knees of the elders and the knowledgeable.


We aim to make this ancient knowledge free and accessible to all. This is nothing secretive about our ancestral culture, everything is laid bare for all to see, and here to share knowledge. Knowledge that advances a person’s mind, body and spirit.


So much is known. There is so much yet to be uncovered and we will be at the forefront. We will readily collaborate and collate information with similar agencies in harmonising Afrikan narrative of history.