The infinite source of life...

A collage of ancestral Africans


It is also the same word we use in the Akan language to denote youth, which is mma bunu. This is because green is a natural recurring colour, which symbolizes new, young, youth, and fresh. When leaves like fruits are new, they are green in colour. As they age, they become reddish, yellowish, pinkish and brownish.  Bunu, green, is the source colour, the infinite colour, the self-generating and natural recurring colour from which all other colours in nature come. There will be no red leaves with green leaves. There will be no yellow leaves without green. There will be no brown leaves with green. Green, the infinite source of life from which all others come. 

Like the colour, green, obri, or bi, which denotes, black, blue-black or deep black, is the source colour. The self-generating and natural recurring. The infinite source from which all others come. The same substance is made of the universe. Obri or bi is the root of the Akan word Obibini (which is singular) or Abibifo (which is plural) for black people, dark and melanated people. Like the colour, green in plant life, Abibifo are self-generating people, an infinite source of life from which all others come. The first and original people.


It does not matter where you are born, the colour of your eyes, the course, and texture of your hair, or the length of it. It does not matter what language you speak, so long as you have a dark hue skin pigmentation, you will be referred to as Obibini (singular) and Abibifo (plural).Abibifo seeded the world. Abibifo are the original, the first on every piece of land under the sun. Abibifo are Akanfo (the first people), and Akanfo instituted the world.

"Abibifo ye Akanfo. The first people"


Kan, the first and foremost, from the beginning.
Kan, to engage in numbers and arithmetics.
Kan, to recite, to read.Kan, light, to be bright, luminous.

The name A’KAN, is a reference to Akanfo, as the first and foremost people on Asaase Yaa, mother Earth. The first to engage in calculations, reading and writing.The first to engage in measurement, study and observation of nature, which is the foundation of civilizations. The first to formulate and institute ideas.


The concept of race is a recent European categorisation to place humans in a pyramid scheme and structure. This very idea is redundant in Afrikan cultures, which is also true for most indigenous cultures in the world, however, there will be no race of humans in the world without Abibifo, (Afrikans, melanated people). From Asia to the Americas, to north Africa and to many parts of Europe, Abibifo were the first and foremost settlers.

The presence of Abibifo in the Americas, in North Africa, the middle east and even in India, today has been attributed to slavery, which is nothing but a false narrative. In Europe, the Afrikan presence in Europe has completely been erased from people’s memory and conscience. Today many falsely hold Europe to be what it is today, which has no bearing on any truth. Abibifo seeded the world and no race of humans will exist without the first and original people. Today, due to false European indoctrinations, this fundamental truth has become hard to swallow. Dark and melanated people are the infinite source of life from where all others come. 

European scientific and religious doctrines have successfully taken away the Afrikan origins of humanity. European science stipulates that human origins stem from evolution, which is nothing but falsehoods.  Evolution is a false doctrine and narrative. This is certainly, a carefully engineered ploy to take away the Afrikan origins of humanity, language and culture. Indo-European religious doctrines also stipulate that the Christian God, like the Islamic god, Allah, created the world and everything in it, which are all carefully engineered falsehoods. Organic life forms, be it, plants, animals or humans, do not evolve to a different state.

Organic life forms reproduce themselves, again and again, and again. An infinite and continuous cycle of life and death. Evolution as theorised by Charles Darwin is a nonsensical theory and certainly not the roots and origins of humanity. We have always been, we produce ourselves again and again and again. The origins and source of humanity can only be traced to the first and original people of the world, Abibifo

Everything in this universe including the greatest adversary of all, which is, time, is cyclical. Repeats itself again and again and again. Everything that has life reproduces itself and does not evolve to another life form. Organic life may transform from one stage to the other,  but will never transform into a different lifeform. A mango seed will transform into a mango seedling, which in turn may transform into a mango tree producing nothing but mango fruits. A mango seed however will never transform or evolve into another lifeform producing a different fruit. Every organic life produces itself again and again and again and will never evolve to another or different state. Evolution is a false doctrine. 

Evolution is an organic process and organic processes do not cease. They are constant and perpetual.  Prime examples of organic processes are; planting or potting a seed or the fusion of a sperm and an egg. The differences in humans are not due to evolution or environmental adaptations but rather mutations.This should certainly bring us to this very question. How then do populations change over time? How did the population of north Afrika, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand Middle East, Europe, and Asia change to be predominantly people of Indo-European origin? These population changes have nothing to do with evolution but rather a system and deliberate extermination and expulsion of the original inhabitants of these lands, many of which will be abibifo.The concept of race is redundant in Afrikan and indigenous cultures but prevalent in Indo-European cultures.

This is important as it is related to history. It is related to populations and demographics. Populations can change over time due to various factors. Racism, prevalent in all Indo-European cultures is a form of survival mechanism, meant to promote procreation among specific groups, as procreation, especially among different cultures, is one of the many catalysts a population could change over time, with war and genocide being the others. Many ethnic cultures, especially in Europe and in Asia have suffered such fate, only to be supplanted by people of Indo-European origin.


Inage displaying human colour spectrum

Light can only come from the dark. 
Light can only exist because of darkness.
For light to exist, there already has to be darkness. 

In nature, all colours come from green. Green has to exist before any other colour (red leaves, brown leaves, yellow leaves etc). In humans, obri or bi, is the source colour, the infinite colour from which all other colours come. Dark skin people are the first from which all others mutated.

"Afrika indeed seeded the world"

The population of Australia and America has changed over time in the last 500 years. This has nothing to do with evolution but rather systematic genocide (both cultural and ethnic populations). These are more recent examples. Many other original and indigenous cultures in all of Asia and Europe have all suffered the same or similar fate. Afrikan languages like cultures are a testament that indeed, Afrika seeded the world.A person from Dagestan is known as Dagestani. A person from Afghanistan is known as Afghani. A person from Azerbaijan is known as Azerbaijani. From Uzbekistan, you are known as Uzberskitani. The demonym “ni” can only be found in the Akan language, which denotes, a person of or a person from. A term also found in Latin as well as the modern Italian language.